Reservations FAQ
  • When will I be invited to configure and order my U-bike, and when can I take delivery?
    U-bike reservation holders are receiving invitations to order and design U-bike based on the time and date that they placed their reservation.Global Deliveries will start in  the second half of 2018.Once you receive your invitation and place your order for U-bike,  you can expect to take delivery in June 2018(the accurate time is subject to the announcement on the occasion). If you would like to wait for a version of U-bike that is not yet in production, you can choose to hold your place in line and be notified when your desired options become available.
  • How will I receive an invitation to configure my U-bike?
    We will send you an invitation to configure your U-bike to the email address you used to place your reservation. Confirm your email address is up to date here.
  • Which U-bike features are currently available?
    Our first U-bike comes with standard model will be produced in the middle of 2018,with the price of $3000 USD in the United states. Please be noted that freight is not included.Currently only the standard model configuration with two versions battery pack  of 48V20Ah and 48V40Ah can be selected. Future options will include Customized version of the configuration , including customized paints, Optional upgrade suit. More details of the configuration , price and time of going public will be published before the start of production. Please look forward to it.
  • Which features come standard with U-bike for $3000 USD?
    U-bike is designed to be the safest car in its class, with 50 to 100 kilometers of range. Standard features also include Vehicle intelligent controller, active safety system,reversing Radar,vehicle-mounted GPS  and a 2-year vehicle warranty and a life-long battery warranty.
  • What type of payment options are available for my U-bike?
    Payment types will be notified in Email on the occasion.
  • Will I be eligible to receive incentives for purchasing U--bike?
    That depends on your local policy. We will share more information when U-bike is going public in your area.
  • Will I need to order U-bike as soon as I receive my invitation?
    For the fastest delivery of your U-bike, we encourage you to place your order as soon as you receive your invitation. The invitation to configure your Model 3 will have a link which will allow you to either configure your vehicle, or save your place in line and wait until later to order. We will continue to send invitations to reservation holders on a rolling basis, however delivery timing cannot be confirmed until an order is placed.
  • Where can I take delivery of my U-bike?
    We will assign you a delivery location based on your registration address after you’ve confirmed your order.
  • I have relocated to a different state or country . How can I update my address?
    If you have moved to another state, you can update your registration address in your U-bike Account here.If you have moved to another country, you will not lose your place in line, but your move may impact delivery timing as U-bike  is delivered in your market. For help updating your U-bike Account, please contact Customer Support here.
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