Reservation Agreement

1.In the event of violation of the “2018 CES campaign rules”and related contracts or this campaign and other related provisions by participants , Beijing Linkdata Technologies Inc has the right to disqualify the right of the participants.

2. In the event of Participants attending the campaign viciously or disrupted the order of the campaign that would cause loss of reputation or other losses to the Beijing's Linkdata Technologies Inc., the Beijing's Linkdata Technologies Inc reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibilities.

3. The participation of the participants in this campaign is deemed to be understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of the campaign. Beijing Linkdata Technologies Inc reserves the right to alter, adjust and terminate this campaign, and has the right to adjust or change the terms and conditions of this campaign, and it will become effective after announcement through related channels.

4. The unfinished matters of this campaign are still bound by the relevant contracts and other relevant documents of the “2018CES campaign rules”.

5. Beijing Linkdata Technologies Inc reserve the final right of interpretation.

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