“1+1” intelligent and lightweight NEV
Characterized by a small and flexible appearance,U-bike is an intelligent and light E-quadricycle with “1+1” model.
It is easy parking, and always has a set of back-up battery,
which relieves anxiety of endurance and redefines the short trip experience.
  • 62 miles(100km)
    Max. Endurance
  • Life-long quality 
    assurance of the 
  • Car-leveled Driving Assistance
  • 36 in.(920mm)
    Max. width of the body
Intelligent Assistant Driving
Intelligent Assistant Driving
  • IHHC
    Intelligent Hill-hold
    IHHC system will start automatically if U-bike is stopped on the slope
  • HAC
    hill-start Assist
    HAC system can automatically adjust power system based on the slope direction.
  • RSC
    Roll Stability Control
    RSC system can reduce the speed to prevent rollover when there is a quick turn.
  • HDC
    Hill Descent Control
    HDC system can detect and control the speed in real time when U-Bike is going downhill, and adjust the speed steadily.
Intelligent Instrument
Your Carkeeper
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
Extreme Fine Design
Stylish and Fashionable
Intelligent Control
Smartphone Connection
  • Charging Reminder
  • Path Recording
  • GPS Tracking
  • Link to Driver
  • Moving Warning
  • Vehicle Status Monitoring
Small and Flexible
Traveling with Your Heart
Core Power
Refresh Experience
  • 48V20Ah
    Pannasonic 18650 Battery
  • 110~220V
    Home Charging
  • 10KG
    Easy Swap
MP timetable
  • 2018.1-2018.2
    global reservation starts
  • 2018.9
    open the portal of global customer delivery
  • 2018.9-2019
    open the portal of U-Tri reservationand delivery
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